to keep your business running even when you are on vacation

We guarantee the development of YOUR personal website!

Imagine you are buying a car. You pay the money, and the seller says, “He is yours, but the keys and ownership will remain with me.” How do you like this offer?

We create online stores and other sites without attracting customers. Upon completion of the site, we give you all the files and access (keys) to manage the site and it will be YOURS forever.

Lost in the forest of website developers?

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Viesh ur latest PROJECTS in progress

"АвтоЛеди" - autolady.ua
Kite surfing society - ckss.ca
Kofe Bird - kofebird.com
розробка сайта візитки
VIRIL - viril.ru
Інтернет ресторан - fainaukraina.ee
сайт візитка
Douls - doula.com.ua
FS Ukraine - fs.in.ua

What is the COST of creating a website?

Choose your site

From these tariffs the basic price of creation of a site begins

$ 750
Blog / Business card site / Landing
$ 1200
Online store

All according to the tariff Informational, as well as:

HOW LONG does it take to develop a site?

On average, the site development process takes 1 to 3 months

First, the development time depends on the complexity and type of site

Secondly, the speed of obtaining the necessary information from the customer

Where does the creation of the site begin?

We discuss the project

Contact us in the way convenient for you indicated on the site. At this stage, we will discuss your project and answer questions regarding the development of the site.

We approve or create TOR

Terms of reference (TOR) is a document on the basis of which the site is developed. At this stage, we prescribe the main functions and confirm the cost of creating a site.

We sign a contract

Before starting the development of the site, we conclude an agreement for the performance and payment of work in accordance with the Terms of Reference.

Let's start creating a website

We do our best to make you happy with your site.

Customer reviews

Everything is done with quality and on time. We will contact you again!
Alexandr Y.
Development of a corporate website
It was very nice to work with responsible people, I recommend!
Vlad Ch.
Template design
Everything was done on time. We will still address.
Alexey A.
Website development
Thank you for your work. Everything is on time, high quality, OPERATIVE and with an understanding of women's logic. I recommend to everyone.
Olena B.
Creation and refinement of several sites

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